Why Does It Feel Good Petting An Animal?

If you are like me, then you love the feeling when you are petting a dog or a cat. They have this ‘magical touch” of helping you chill out when you are all revved up. So the question is why does that happen…

The answer can be summed up with the science of energy entrainment and attunement.  In other words, when you are feeling angry or sad, you are vibrating at a lower vibration because those emotions are on the lower end of the vibrational scale. ie..you are feeling down. So when you pet a dog or cat, that dog or cat is actually vibrating at a higher vibration than you so you and that animal’s energy entrain and attune to each other. Meaning you move up on the vibrational scale and the animal moves down on the vibrational scale until you both meet in the middle. The good news is you feel better, the bad news is the animal all of a sudden feels …. less frisky.

So your next question might be..is there anyway where the higher vibrational being stays at that same level and not get dragged down? Kind of like when you are feeling all happy and cheery and your spouse comes home all grumpy and all of a sudden the mood in the house turns from happy and cheery to … uh oh…someone has had a bad day. The answer is YES! The first and most important step to not being affected by other people’s energies is by being aware of WHEN they are affecting you. You have a choice right at that moment! Just by simply being aware, your life will change dramatically. If you want to know more or learn how you can become more aware, contact me and I would be happy to assist you.

Peace Out,


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