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How To Cure Panic Attacks & Anxieties- What is Behind them All
how to cure panic attacks

What is Behind the Panic Attack and Anxieties

Some people say fear is the opposite to love. I don’t agree because how can something as wonderful and all encompassing as love have an opposite? Fear is actually just an illusion created by us. Fear keeps us small. The dictionary definition of fear is “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.” According to the dictionary fear is just the ‘unpleasant emotion.’ Fear is a projection that something bad might happen but most of the time that something bad doesn’t happen and further than that most of the time we don’t even check in to see what it is that we are actually afraid of.

We just feel fear and freeze up. Fear has its place but definitely not to the degree that it exists in our society. Behind all panic attacks is fear. Behind all anxiety is fear. How much of your daily lives do you spend feeling anxious or having panic attacks? Everyday fears that rob us of the big juicy experience of being alive. What if we could acknowledge our fear and then let it go? We would be free of that unpleasant emotion? Over the course of my life I have felt afraid. Afraid what others think about me, afraid of being wrong, afraid that I was unworthy and not perfect so many fears not enough time in the day.

Find Out What's Behind Your Fears

Somebody wise told me to face my fears and let them go. Guess what when I actually paused and put the spotlight on my fears they stopped having so much power over me because they were things that I shouldn’t be afraid of. Fears are beliefs, beliefs are thoughts we think again and again till they become true. There are healthy fears that keep us alive. I’m not saying jump into the polar bear enclosure at the zoo but most other fears are a waste of our time, our energy and good health. Imagine not being afraid of failing, making mistakes, or what others think of us. Nobody is the perfect parent, friend, partner and making mistakes is the best way to learn. Life can be easier when we are not crippled with anxiety or panic attacks caused by fear.

How To Cure Panic Attacks and Anxiety

When we face our fears head on, we can decide if something is truly worth robbing us of our inner peace. Lets consciously step out of our comfort zone and create a bigger place to live in. Life isn’t about playing it small! Life is about discovering who we really are and how we can truly make a difference to the lives of those around us. Being imprisoned by fear is getting you nowhere fast.

Book an appointment today and let’s explore what’s really behind your panic attacks and anxiety. Once we dig down and find out the root of your beliefs, we will be able to transform them which will result in the release of your fears that are behind the anxiety and panic attacks.


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