What is Spirit Releasement and How Can It Help Me?

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auric fieldWhat is Spirit Attachment?

When we are born, we are pretty much a whole energetic being (read my blog here about What are we? Body, Spirit or Soul?). Our auric fields have very little gaps in them and if there are gaps, they would have been passed down from our parents. And as we grow and experience life, we experience many events that will traumatize us enough to cause us to form limiting beliefs about ourselves and as a result, we lose the energetic signatures of that child at various ages when we experience each trauma. In other words, that little child that experiences the traumas splits off energetically from us and stays in that trauma forever until we deal with that trauma. This energetic splitting off creates a hole in our auric field. So you can imagine when we get to adult age, we would have accumulated a fair bit of holes and tears in our auric field. This holes and tears allow for negative entities or disincarnated spirits to attach themselves to the person. But it won’t be just any negative entities or disincarnated spirits who attach, but ones who have an energetic match to yours. This means if you experienced an event in your life where the limiting belief being formed is women are mean (perhaps your mom was emotionally abusive to you), then you might attract those earthbound spirits who also dislike women to attach to you. This results in the feeding of stronger thoughts that feed that belief of “women are bad” and may cause you to think or do terrible things to women. It almost feels like those thoughts are not yours, but you can’t seem to stop them.

Another classic example would be one of an alcoholic who is trying to stop drinking but spirit attachmentdoesn’t do any personal growth work to deal with any of his traumas. He walks by the bar and starts getting these loud internal voices in his head telling him to go drink. These voices are so strong that eventually he succumbs and goes in and drinks and gets drunk. The spirits that are attached to him are also alcoholics who in the spirit realm are unable to consume alcohol themselves as there is no food or drink in the spirit realm since spirits don’t need food or drink to exist. As a result, these spirits, in order to continue to experience the feeling of being drunk (to numb their feelings), they will find the guy who is alive on earth, who is also an alcoholic (an energetic match), and tap into him, influence the man’s thoughts so he would drink and the tapped-in spirit(s) will also get to experience that drunk feeling.

What is Spirit Releasement Therapy?

In order to close the opening on the auric field, we need to address why there is a gap in the first place. Because if we don’t, even if we release that particular entity from the person, other entities will hook in just like the one that was released as the gap is still open.

inner child workSo how do we address the gap in the field, the person will need to heal the trauma which has not been dealt with. During an Intuitive Transformational Healing Session, we will address the trauma that has been experienced by the person, heal and release the trauma and reclaim that little child back to the adult person on an emotional and energetic level. When the child is assimilated back into the adult person, that gap gets sealed. It may take a few sessions to deal with all the traumas one person has experienced so the number of sessions needed will vary.

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