Are you Suffering from Trauma?

Trauma is defined as the emotional response someone has when he or she experiences an extremely negative situation. It affects our mental and emotional bodies. When one experiences trauma, two things happen. It creates a subconscious belief about oneself by interpreting the event, and it forms the emotion that is trauma mental and emotional effectsassociated with that belief. The younger we are, the more traumatic the event. This is because we are processing the event based on how we understand the world at that point in our lives.

Symptoms of trauma are anxiety, depression, night terrors, irritability, poor concentration and mood swings but the list is not exhaustive as individuals respond to trauma in different ways. Perhaps a simpler way of noticing the symptoms of trauma is a change in someone’s behaviour or mood.

Unresolved traumas trap us in the limiting beliefs we form about ourselves and every time a new event happens that revolves around that certain limiting belief we hold, we will get triggered emotionally and this will happen over and over again until that belief is transformed. Suppression of emotions which is common practice now a days do not resolve the trauma but will in all likelihood manifest into physical form such as into pain or disease. To sum it up, all subconscious beliefs create corresponding thoughts about ourselves that

transform traumahave emotions associated with them and all emotions when not dealt with will manifest in physical form.

If you are aware that you carry unresolved trauma which is making you feel stuck or you just want to be done with it, then let’s start the healing process by booking a session with me today.


Elaine Cheung