Kundalini? Isn’t That a Sex Act?

“Isn’t that kundalini thing where everyone in the 70’s were having kundalini awakenings and they all acted crazy and danced around like a bunch of lunatics?”

There has been many misconceptions about what kundalini awakening is. No I am not talking about kundalini yoga. Kundalini is actually a Sanskrit word for coiled like a snake. Referred to lots in both Buddhism and Hinduism, it is the release of an enormous amount of energy from the base of the spine up the spine to the crown and back down to the first chakra. Kundalini awakening which it is commonly called can be induced by intense meditation or through different practices of Yoga. If the kundalini is released and the person is not prepared for it, it can cause a lifetime of troubles such as literally going totally bonkers!

So how do you know if you have had a kundalini awakening? Well are you totally bonkers? Just kidding! Everyone experiences the awakening differently. Some describe it as a feeling of energy travelling along the spine, or moving up the body. Some experience tremors or other spontaneous or involuntary body movements and changes in respiratory function. The individual might also feel warmer or colder, a feeling of electricity in the body, persistent sexual arousal syndrome, headache and pressure inside the head, tingling, vibrations and gastrointestinal problems. In terms of cognitive and affective symptoms are said to include psychological upheaval, stress, depression, depersonalization or derealization, intense mood-swings, but also moments of bliss, deep peace and other altered states of consciousness.

Now your question is do you really want to raise your kundalini? If you are looking for spiritual enlightenment then perhaps having a kundalini awakening might help you along your journey as kundalini awakenings are known to increase your spiritual abilities. However if you are just looking to have a mind blowing orgasm, you should be prepared to cry like a baby after your orgasm because rising your kundalini at the moment can stir up all sorts of emotional stuff that you have stuffed far far away.

Kundalini, macaroni, Mussolini….don’t worry too much about having a kundalini awakening. Most kundalini awakenings happen naturally when the time is right. In other words when you are ready to have one. Just don’t go out seeking it, it will find you.

Let me know your comments or tell me about your kundalini experience. I always love to hear from my readers.

Peace Out,


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