Should we really be using the “f” word or any other toilet words to state something positive?

Why do we use negative words to describe something positive? If all words have vibration or energy in them, then why would we use a negatively charged word to describe something that we believe is very

positive. What if we just unintentionally cursed something that was amazing and turned it into “shit” energetically.

Here is another example of how we use negative words to state something positive. “Go break a leg.” Really?!?!? I really don’t want to break a leg but apparently that expression is intended to mean something positive. How exactly is breaking a leg a positive thing?? My other favourite is “I am The bomb!” Is it a good thing that you just called yourself a destructive device that can wipe out yourself and all your friends around you? How is being “The Bomb” productive?  Or “they are just so God Damned talented.” I don’t know about you but I would not want God to damn me with anything.

My point is I believe we should be mindful of the words we use when expressing ourselves. Here are a few examples where even though both statements are meant to mean the same thing, they have different energetic vibrations associated with them which can change the whole dynamics of the situation.

I am going to an anti-war rally
I am going to a peace rally
I am doing great
I am not bad
I am surviving thank you.
It hasn’t killed me yet!

Words do have power and it is important that we use words that amplify our intentions in a positive way. Let’s take the above example of “I am going to an anti-war rally.” If you were to show up at a group that is anti-war, the dynamics of the group could be one of anger because the word “war” has an intonation of violence even though there is the word “anti” in front of it. Versus if you were to go to a peace rally, the word peace dictates calmness so the attitude of the group might feel more positive and loving.

Bottom line is words do change the dynamics of the sentence or situation. Be mindful of the words you use because you might unintentionally be putting road blocks in front of yourself energetically into the universe. Go with the flow, go with love. State only the positive words and be ready to receive abundance.

Love and Peace,


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