What is Love?

It kind of annoys me when I hear people say that they are “in love”. What does that mean? To me it sounds like you fell into love like you can’t control it. Well I guess for a lot of young people, this “falling in love” happens to them more often than not. They feel like they are literally pulled into the other person like some giant magnet sucking them together and they just cannot stop themselves.

I guess I should be fair and say that I have been there too. But now at the age of 42, I have a different perspective on love. I now understand that love itself is simply a vibration, a frequency. To be “in love” means to me anyway, to be in

the love frequency. The energetic field of love creates a feeling in your body but love itself is not an emotion. When I hear people say they fell in love with someone, to me that means they are literally drawn to someone who has aspects which are missing in one self and they find those missing aspects in their partner. Let me explain it another way, 2 people each missing aspects of themselves find those attributes in the other person.

Then I hear “but this is true love.” What is “true love”? Are we saying there are different meanings to love..one being true and another I am assuming being “fake love”? Does love differentiate itself in different relationships? I personally think we as a society have made a mistake to think that love is this way and that way depending on the situation. Love can only be love. Love like I said is a frequency. ONE frequency not multiple frequencies depending on our mood or who we

want to use it with. And as a frequency, love does not judge, it does not make demands, it simply is pure and simple…love. However mankind has accepted the idea that love is conditional. ie. I only love you if you do this. I love him or her more. I used to love him but now I love him less. We have placed conditions on something that is meant to be unconditional. Love and compassion go hand in hand and compassion has no judgement. So the next time you use the word love to express something, make sure that you are using it in its true authentic form meaning loving something or someone with no expectations or judgement. Just love them as they are, in all their imperfections and perfections.

Peace Out,