Identify Who is Really Ruling You – Your True Self or Your Little Self

I know there are times that even though we have been working hard on healing our emotional wounds, we can still get all worked up and triggered over the dumbest things. And when that happens, I would say to myself…

“what am I doing? Stop making up these stories in my head. They are not true.” And we all know that our ego loves to prove us wrong. It’s ironic because we don’t want whatever our ego is telling us but we keep manifesting it because our minds keep spinning stories saying that we are not good enough, that we are unloveable or that we are not wanted. And whatever we spend the most time thinking of, that is what manifests. In the end, we end up proving that our ego is right.  Well I think it is time we put a cork in it for the ego. Our ego has ruled most of our lives up to now (I hope!) it is time we really realize who we truly are – That we are pure love, the essence of God/universe, pure light. There is absolutely nothing wrong with us. We have just been identifying with the wrong self – the ego self, the small self. When we claim I am not worthy, or I am unlovable, that self is our little self telling us that’s who we are. But the true fact is we are not that self. Our true self is amazing, full of love and light. But how do we stop ourselves from getting swept up in the ego self when things happen. Here is a technique I have that helps me when I find myself starting to believe what my little self is saying about myself.

I imagine that my true self is like the astronaut in a spaceship and the spaceship is my physical body. Being in the cockpit, I experience the environment around me using sensors on the spaceship. These sensors allow me to smell, taste, feel, see and hear all the things that are outside my spaceship (my body). And once in a while, an event would happen that would cause my spaceship (my body) to react in anger, hurt or fear.  I will hear the beeping sound in the cockpit from the computer (ego) saying “must shut down! I am not worthy! I am not worthy!” But because I am aware that I am the pilot of the ship, I don’t get emotionally attached to what is happening to my spaceship. I do however acknowledge that my spaceship (body) has been triggered and is going through an emotional response but I am able to stay centred while I figure out why my body is reacting this way. And like all emotional responses, I allow my body to go through that emotion until it’s all gone out of my body.

So the next time you find yourself getting triggered, remember you are the astronaut in the spaceship and recognize that there is nothing wrong with you. It’s your little self (ego) who thinks you are smaller than who you really are.

Well I hope this tip helps.

Love and Light,

Elaine Cheung