Is Having Expectation Giving My Power Away?

Have you ever done something for someone, telling them that you did it just because, yet were disappointed with how the other person used that gift? Imagine this scenario, you are walking down the street and there is a homeless guy begging for money. You happened to be feeling quite generous that day so you put your hand in your wallet and pull out a $5, a $10 and a $20. You decide that day you are going to make a REAL difference and give that homeless guy the BEST GIFT EVER – the $20. In your mind you are thinking “oh he can use this money to get a really good meal. This will make me feel so good about myself because I have done such a wonderful thing today.” The homeless man takes your money, thanks you and runs off into the alley nearby and hands your beloved blessed $20 to a shady looking character. In exchange the man in the alley gives the homeless man a baggy then runs off. Now you are angry and all worked up and you think to yourself, “I can’t believe he used my generous gift of $20 to buy drugs. I gave it to him so he could buy food.” Your mood has changed from feeling happy and generous to that of anger and disappointment. So now I ask you, why do you feel so disappointed? Because you had that expectation of what YOU thought the other person should do with your “gift”. The second you put an expectation on your “gift”, it is no longer a gift. It has now turned into an obligation to the receiver unbeknownst to them that they are “suppose” to use that “gift” this way or that way. Because the receiver of the gift now holds the key to your happiness, you have inadvertently given away your power. So next time when you decide to gift something to someone, make sure in your mind and heart that you are really GIFTING it to that person. Don’t give your power away. Send gifts as they are intended to be – as gifts, not obligations.

That’s my rant for today. Love and light to all of you,