What Do You Do With That Uncomfortable Feeling?

So what if something comes up and you get that physical not so good feeling happening inside you. What do you do? Those feelings you are feeling are completely legit. Whatever you do..do not shove them down inside you and dismiss them. That would only create more problems in the future such as possibly festering those emotions into a disease or an illness. I know it kind of goes against your habit of compartmentalizing the feelings but do not. Those feelings are your body’s way of letting you know that this is an opportunity for you to deal with this situation that has caused these feelings to happen. Positive change can happen if we look at each uncomfortable feeling as opportunities to grow.

Okay, so you say I get it. I have those uncomfortable feelings, now what do I do. First you need to identify the root cause of the issue. Let’s say

 you had a fight with your spouse and she has stormed off. You are now feeling like you were not heard and it made it worse that she has shut down and has now walked away from you. You have this ache in your chest that you were not able to voice your opinion and you are just fuming.

Step 1. Identify why you feel the way you do. Maybe in this case you feel like you were not heard so you feel insignificant so possibly an unworthiness issue with you.
Step 2. Get into the feeling as much as you can.
Step 3. Breath into that area of tightness on your body with love and with each out breath, set the intention to release that feeling.

Step 4. Feel that feeling deeply until it literally transforms or shifts mentally, physically or emotionally. Done.

So to sum it up, each time you are triggered, see it as an opportunity to grow. And the beauty is once you have dealt with that trigger, that lesson is DONE.

Peace out,


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