Childhood Trauma and Its Effects in Adulthood

Childhood experiences with their caregivers have long and lasting effects on the child well into adulthood. What they learn as children becomes part of their core beliefs about themselves. And with trauma, it affects the child’s ability to trust others, to regulate their emotions and to interact with the world in general. They will develop a sense that the world is either safe or unsafe and these become their core beliefs.

Childhood trauma affects the mental, physical and spiritual health of the individual. The survivor of childhood abuse often experience feelings of anxiety, worry, shame, guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, grief, sadness and anger. On the mental level, survivors of childhood trauma has been linked to higher rates of anxiety, depression, suicide, self harm, PTSD and addictions. On the physical level, childhood trauma can impact their ability to regulate their emotions leading to sleep difficulties, lower immune function and increase risk of physical illnesses. On a spiritual level, the individual is unable to find inner peace, joy or experience authentic love for oneself.

In my practice, I help people deal with their childhood trauma by using a combination of holistic techniques called PSYCH-K® AND Quantum Touch®. The client will be intuitively guided through their memories of situations that hold strong emotional charges to them. By rewiring and reprogramming the brain, the client will be able to transform or release the emotion that was attached to that memory. We will also deal with core beliefs that were formed when the client was a child and transform them to healthy, positive new core beliefs and locking them into the subconscious mind. The result is the client finally gets to move forward in his/her life and start living a life free from fear, anxiety, grief, sadness or anger.

So if you have got childhood trauma, things can seem pretty bleak but what you need to realize is that you do not have to live this negative trajectory. By willing to address your past, you can ultimately reprocess your memories so they no longer hold power over you and you can have great health physically, mentally and spiritually.


Elaine Cheung
Intuitive Transformational Healer