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Emotional Child Abuse and Trauma: How It Affects Adulthood

What is Emotional Child Abuse

When it comes to child abuse, most people automatically think sexual or physical abuse but not mental abuse, however emotional abuse sometimes called psychological abuse is just as damaging. When the caretaker psychologically abuses a child by deliberately withholding love or attention, this often results in the child developing various mental and emotional issues that stays with that person for life.  But things don’t have to be that drastic to have an impact on us.

Why and How does Emotional Child Abuse Developed

Between the ages of 0-5, we operate out of our emotional centres (limbic system). What this means is that we feel what is going on but we don’t logically understand the reasons behind the situation. What we experience during this time will shape us for the rest of our lives because this is a time of great input which means we take on everything we experience and convert it into our core beliefs that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

We might think that we are not products of some sort of childhood trauma but all of us have suffered some level of childhood trauma. For example if your parents went through a divorce when you were young, you might pick up the belief that it is not safe to trust in anyone because the divorce shakes the trust in the child’s dependency on the parents who now behave in an extremely undependable way. Or you had a mother who was very controlling and this resulted in your developing your own controlling and codependency issues when you are older.

Results of Emotional Child Abuse

We all pick up most of our core beliefs when we are children and we bring them along with us into adulthood. If your caregivers had unsuccessful and unhappy lives, chances are you might follow in their footsteps because you inherited their core beliefs as well. However you don’t have to live this life.

You can change your life’s direction but it starts with your own willingness to examine your core beliefs and being truly honest with how you really feel about yourself.

Ask yourself what if that childhood trauma doesn’t have a hold on you anymore? How would you feel? Free? Alive? Happy? Finally at peace?  Yes it is possible!

Don’t waste another minute waiting for a miracle to happen. It takes action and it starts with you. Call now and start the change.

Elaine Cheung
Intuitive Transformational Healer