Drain and fill – a simple grounding technique

If you have never learned how to ground yourself or you have a hard time visualizing an energy cord or grounding cord going from your first chakra all the way down to the centre of the earth, then this simple grounding method might be just want you need. This method does not require you to know where your first chakra or any chakras are nor do you have to do this in a quiet room. You can use this method while sitting across from someone who might be ranting at you or they are dumping their frustrations all out on you, or you can use it to release your own negative feelings or any pain you may be experiencing at the moment.

First get yourself comfortable. You can be sitting, standing or even lying down. Place your LEFT hand on your solar plexus and have your RIGHT hand with fingers pointing to the ground. Now repeat in your mind the words “drain, drain, I drain this pain I have in my neck…” or “I drain this anger I am currently feeling.” or “I drain this person’s energy that is in my space.”. While you do this, imagine the energy draining and leaving out of your RIGHT hand, out of your fingertips. When you feel that everything is drained, you will intuitively know when that is, then move to position number 2.


In position 2, we continue to leave our LEFT hand resting on our solar plexus. Now we move our RIGHT hand up to our heart. Place your RIGHT hand on your heart and repeat “Fill. I fill my heart with
love”. You can fill it with whatever your believe is. ie. I fill my heart with God’s love, with universal

Love whatever it may be. Do this filling until you feel you have filled the energetic space you had empty with step 1 with enough love.  Now it is very important that you never remove your left hand from your solar plexus until step 2 is complete. The whole point is to drain the negative emotion, pain, or negative energy and fill that emptied space with positive energy.

That’s it! That’s as simple as it gets with this quick grounding method.


Elaine Cheung
Intuitive Transformational Healer