Why Do I Always Seem to Date Undesirable People

“But he is really a nice guy…” as you find yourself coming up with excuses for your new boyfriend that you are introducing to your friends for the first time and he is..tick tock tick tock..only 45 minutes late SO FAR. Or you find yourself for the 11th time forgiving his terrible behaviour because you can’t seem to imagine what life would be like without him. So what the heck is going on??

Believe it or not, you are actually an energetic match to this “undesirable” person. I can just hear you screeching out the words “WHAT?!?” as you read this sentence. Yes I say that again, you ARE an energetic match to this person. Before you decide to go psycho on me and post negative comments about this blog, please allow me to explain. You are what you think. Your thoughts create your reality. Most people are unaware that they are thinking or feeling negatively the majority of the time and over time, these thoughts and feelings manifest into your reality. Here is a simple example,  you are driving to work and a driver cuts you off and you end up spilling your coffee on your lap. Then some guy just decides to step out onto the side walk without looking and you almost run him over. By now you are cursing the world about all these stupid people out there and you pull into the parking lot and just when you are about to pull into the spot, some guy beats you to it and steals your spot. You wonder to yourself how can all these shitty things happen to you in just one morning. That’s because you are energetically attracting negative events to happen to you. You see, the universe is very responsive. If you are thinking negative thoughts all the time, the universe actuallythinks you must love

these negative thoughts so it rewards you by making your negative thoughts a reality. It really is that simple.

Now going back to your dilemma of why you seem to always be dating people who are assholes. That’s because a part of you actually believe you don’t deserve to have anyone better. Perhaps you have been “programmed” by your parents or aunts or uncles who said to you “you are not good enough,” or “you will never amount to anything.” Those beliefs that you were told at a young age stay with you until you decide to change those beliefs both consciously and subconsciously. Believe it or not the other person is also an energetic match to you and in their mind they want to be with you because they may subconsciously believe that they are not worthy to date someone who is strong, independent and someone they can respect. It is up to each of us to wake up and start becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings and that is when we can start experiencing real changes in our lives. It is not good enough to just believe that there are no good men or women out there to date. The truth is those good men and women just don’t want to date you! That’s right I said it, they don’t want to date you because you subconsciously think you are not worthy or worth being treated nice or being loved. Because you haven’t dealt with your own issues so why would someone who have dealt with their issues want to date someone who

thinks they have it all together when they haven’t. The first step to real changes in one’s life is to be willing to look within oneself and start dealing with those inner demons we have.

If you feel like you are stuck in a rut and are ready for real changes to happen in your life, let’s chat about how we can work together to change your subconscious thoughts that are hindering your life and really start living the life you really want.

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