How To Be An Effective Communicator

Is there such a thing as a naturally skilled communicator? The short answer is no. Good communication skills are learned and practiced. Oh and did I say practice? Practice practice practice. Below are tips and tricks on how to go from being a so-so communicator to being a great communicator.

Point 1. Have belief and passion. You ever had of the saying “oh that guy could sell ice cubes to eskimos”. So why is that? That’s because that guy has passion. Let’s face it, if you don’t believe in something yourself, how the heck do you think you will be able to make others

believe. Believe is a feeling. It needs to come from deep inside you. When someone speaks from the heart, it will be received in the heart. If you speak from your throat, like you are trying to convince people through your talk, it will be received through the throat. The point is, wherever your intention comes from, ie your gut, your heart, your throat or your head, it will be received by the other person in the same place. Start with finding your passion then speak from there.
Point 2: Practice. It is a good idea to join your local toast masters group so you can practice your craft. Practice practice practice to get comfortable in front of people.

Point 3: Have a routine before you speak in front of groups of people. Perhaps you go into a quiet room and close your eyes and visualize yourself in front of the audience and you see the audience encapsulated by your presence. Any visualization is empowering.

Point 4: Be entertaining when giving your information. Don’t regurgitate your speech. Memorize your points. If it was just for information, people could just stay home and google the information but they came to see you so give them YOU. Throw your personality into it. Be the funny, empowering, informative person that you are.

Point 5: Focus on the individuals. Speak to each person not as a group entity. This will help you connect with your audience. When you speak, make eye contact with individuals in the group like you are speaking to each of them.

Point 6: Focus your attention on your audience and not on yourself. When you focus on yourself, you start to get self conscious…oh do I sound funny? Where are my arms? Do people really want to listen to me? Focus outward not inward.

Point 7: Don’t stand in one spot. Move around. People’s eyes get bored if they are looking at a stationary object. Move around.

So you say “ok I get all that, I completely believe in what I do and believe what I do can help people but how come I can’t seem to get people to see that? I mean I am doing all the things you mentioned here in your blog… I think… so what am I doing wrong?” That’s a great question! The fact is there may be a subconscious programming that is running inside your head that is

saying “why would anybody listen to you? you are nothing. People don’t care about what you think. Who do you think you are?” So no matter how hard you practice all the steps above, your subconscious limiting beliefs are stopping you. To put this in perspective, your subconscious mind takes in about 40 million bits of information per second while your conscious mind only takes in about 40 bits of information per second so it’s literally like your conscious mind is banging its head against a brick wall. But we have good news, we can change that. Through a process through PSYCH-K (watch my video here on What is PSYCH-K ) ,we can literally transform any subconscious limiting beliefs you have that are stopping you from reaching your goal. The process is quick and the results are instantaneous.

If you feel that you have those lovely subconscious blocks, give me a shout and let’s chat about how we can transform those limiting beliefs.

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