Do You See the Bigger Picture?

Sometimes life throws a wrench in your plans and you might wonder why did this happen to me? Most likely the event or situation has been called forth for you to expand and grow. Of course you always have a choice on how you respond.

I had a client call me 3 days after our session together. Her reason for wanting a session was that she was tired of living a life where there was always struggle and fear.

She was trying to quit being a closet smoker because she knew her boyfriend was against smoking and she lived in constant fear that he would find out and leave her. She felt she was held hostage by her addiction. She called me because after our session she went out onto her balcony for a smoke (couldn’t even finish it) and accidentally left her lighter out on the balcony.

I believe that when we are ready for change, we call events to happen. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable and not what we expected. Is it possible her subconscious/higher self manifested this giving her the opportunity to face her fear? Now she must choose to either come clean and be vulnerable with her boyfriend about her addiction or lie to him.  I reminded her the reason she wanted to have a session with me in the first place was because she wanted to live life like it’s heaven on earth – to be free, happy and joyous. The “accident” of leaving the lighter on the balcony may seem like a major disaster at first but seen in another way, this event may be the catalyst for change.

By the end of the phone call, she decided that she would have that vulnerable conversation with her boyfriend and be authentic without attachment to the outcome. By making that choice, she has taken her first steps towards her goal of living a life of authenticity like it is heaven on earth.

Remember my friends we rarely see the bigger picture and challenges and struggles can actually be opportunities for growth and expansion into bigger better experience of being alive- maybe even HEAVEN ON EARTH…

Love and Light,