And why would I even want to get along with my ex? He should just jump off a bridge and problem solved!

“My ex is such a dick! I have been to court I don’t know how many times. He just wants to fight me on everything!”
“Back up a minute..what report card?? I didn’t know the teacher sent home a report card…oh I am going to kill my ex!”

If you are still reading this blog, chances are you are a single parent or you know someone who is a single parent  who is having some issues with their ex. So why would anyone want to get along with their ex…of course for the kids. So many times grown-ups forget they are grown-ups and act like a 5 year old in front of their 5 year old child and deep inside they know it’s wrong and that they should not be acting like a spoiled brat but their ego simply won’t allow them to stop. They just have to make their point and have the last word. So you ask why the heck should you even waste anytime dealing with this imbecile of an adult. It’s not like you can tell your ex to go have a time out or to sit in the corner and face the wall until they calm down although that would be funny to watch so if any of you have done that to your ex’s, do let me know and I would love to post your story on my website.

Anyway back to the point, why should you not hire a hitman and just off your ex? That’s because you would go to prison and I like to keep my subscribers out of jail so they can freely access the internet and read all my blog posts. But seriously you really need to get along with your ex so you can get some wiggle room when it comes to custody. Why spend thousands of dollars going to court when you can both agree to be more lenient on custody issues especially when it comes to time spent with the child during holidays and birthdays. Take my ex and me for example, although she still drives me crazy and I can only take her in small doses, we do make it a point to get along for our daughter. But do trust me when I say  I had to deal with a bunch of stuff…a lot of personal baggage first before I was able to be courteous and spend time with my ex and my daughter together which my daughter loves. For example we just spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day together and trust me when I say that could not have happened if I did not already deal with a bunch of personal baggage first.

So really what I am actually saying is, no it is not going to work if you simply try to be polite towards your ex when you are oozing hatred towards him or her. Remember 75% of all communication is non-verbal. Your ex will be able to feel the coldness in your tone despite the fact it is sunny and 30c degrees outside. It is important to deal with the deep seeded hatred, hurt or broken trust issues first before you can successfully have an amicable relationship with your ex.

If you want to jump start your house cleaning efforts, let me know so I can help you and give you tools on how to start to deal with your personal baggage today.

Love and Light,


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