About Me

I spent the majority of my adult life running various businesses and at the age of 40, I sold my last business, an ice cream manufacturing plant. Running a multi million dollar company for a number of years had a devastating effect on my health. I developed severe rheumatoid arthritis and at the age of 32, I had to use a cane. I was prescribed heavy immune suppression medication in order to control my disease. I was unable to care for my young daughter the way I wanted to and at the age of 40 my 10 year marriage fell apart. I now see the gifts in all of these experiences.

I was an over-functioner and had learnt early in life to suppress my emotions. My disease was a physical manifestation of deep seated limiting beliefs that I had carried since I my childhood, compounded by years of reinforcement. For the first time in my life I reached out for help. This was the start of my personal growth. I am a true believer that the only way to heal ourselves is to deal with our emotional wounds that we carry within us. . Today I have an active life with my growing daughter and a loving supportive partner.

I have studied a variety of healing methods which I use in my practice with clients. I am passionate about what I do and as an intuitive transformational healer, I can help you transform your limiting beliefs and emotions by addressing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your soul.

Each session is intuitively guided and unique to the individual I am working with.  My clients consist of business owners, couples, people in addiction recovery, people suffering from PTSD, childhood traumas, people feeling stuck in their lives, living with fear, depression, anxiety.

If you have any questions or would like a free phone consultation, please call me at 1-604-614-3142. I look forward to hearing from you.


Elaine Cheung
Intuitive Transformational Healer