Limiting Beliefs

Break free from limiting beliefs that hold you back from living a life that you truly desire.

Emotional Eating

Remove the subconscious beliefs you have that make you emotionally eat.

Financial Blocks

Open the financial abundance tap by removing blocks you have around money.


Stop behaviours that are ruining your personal and business relationships


Uncover and transform the deep wounds that you have been hiding with your addiction.


Set yourself free from the negative emotions and limiting beliefs associated with your traumas.


What my clients say

Having known Elaine for many years, I can attest to her generosity and giving heart. This directly translates in to her chosen field of healing. She has the ability to zero-in on your areas of concern and expertly apply all her skills and knowledge in alleviating whatever is weighing you down–emotionally, physically and spiritually as well. I have no doubt in my mind that Elaine has the gift of healing.

Rowena Torres

Elaine is a warm, caring and fun person to spend time with. She’s to the point and confidant. I enjoyed my session with her. Within a very short time afterwards, I felt clear and energized, a feeling which has been lasting. Thank you Elaine, I’m so glad to have you in my life!

Carmen Kramer

Elaine has a gift- just being in her presence, makes you more present and grounded. This is what makes you ready to do the work it takes to heal and with Elaine you can trust that you are in good hands. Elaine is like the “spirit whisperer” in that she can hone in on the deep underlying issues that may be dimming your light.

Camille Noel

Really wasn’t sure what I was walking into. Elaine was comforting and ensured I was in a safe environment. Trust & Love this woman & what she helped rid me of. Feel amazing & ready to tackle whatever life throws at me. Highly recommend. Thank you Elaine for your compassion and friendship.

Karen Griffith Yates

Thank you Elaine! I am impressed! I had no idea what to expect when I scheduled a session with you! The instructions where clear, the whole process was less stressful than expected! Everything is crystal clear now! Thank you again for getting rid of my most prominent mental blocks!

Christina Waschko

Elaine has amazing energy. She is a confident and capable practitioner and I highly recommend working your “stuff” out with her. She’s GREAT

Lizzie Allan

A BIG recommend for anyone seeking spiritual cleaning from within. Elaine’s intuitive touch is a gift sensing what’s going on inside a person. Thank you Elaine and Jennifer Marie for helping me out when things got serious…

Stefan Sczyrba

I have had a brilliant, powerful and helpful session with Elaine this week – right across the Atlantic thanks to modern technology and the power of her healing energy. Really wonderful supportive follow-up and a safe, clear and easy way to move forward and make some very big and exciting changes. Thank you so much.

Wendy Allan

I have just completed a session with Elaine and it was a very interesting experience. I, as an individual, hold a lot of negative belief systems that I have created through life and I came to a stage of having an awareness around them but not having the ability/technique to overcome them. Elaine got me to concentrate on the emotions/beliefs and then gave me a few simple, yet effective tools to start to overcome and challenge them. I am now excited to start to implement these techniques to allow me to peel away what isn’t naturally me.

Happy days

Lucy Barlow

I had a beautiful session with Elaine and left with a sense of calmness and lightness. I felt like I really touched on some deep hidden energy. Elaine has a kind heart and is very gifted with her touch .

Indra Opel

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked in a session with Elaine, I could not have come away anymore positive, focused and excited about the future!
Elaine also managed to shift some of my emotional baggage ( through Skype) which to me, was incredible!
I cannot recommend her enough, a very clever and spiritual lady.
Thanks so much x

Maddy Johnson

Elaine is so easy to talk to and very calming. Thanks again for helping me out and teaching me different ways to think, I defiantly want to learn more from you!

Kathleen Tsvetkov

Elaine is amazing! I instantly felt at ease with herI had a few sessions with her, and each one left me feeling like we dug up some old beliefs and just washed them away. I felt lighter and better in such a short amount of time.

Mia Scaff

Elaine was generous enough to hold a contest for a FREE 20 minute Quantum Touch session and I was the lucky winner! Thank you so much Elaine! The Skype session I had was amazing! She worked on realigning my spine and working on some old injuries. I’ve had many energy healing sessions over the years and Elaine certainly has a beautiful, gentle energy. Her guidance through the session was helpful to allow the most benefit from the healing session possible. I look forward to working with Elaine in the future, there’s always something to let go of that no longer serves us….

Lara Baynes

Elaine has a huge heart to support others to be free and it shows in a beautiful way in a session. Not only did she help me uncover and release limiting beliefs but gave me tips and ideas going forward that are truly a gift. If you wonder what is behind limitations in your life, Elaine would be my recommendation. Get crap done! And in a loving way – can’t beat that. Thanks, Elaine!

Lauren Whitworth